Little Lola’s Great Big Life

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36 Page Full Color, Hard Back Picture Book, Ages 3-8

 Little Lola longs for a life full of great big adventure, but she finds herself on the wrong side of the fence. What is a little brown dog to do? Life for Lola takes a turn when she discovers a window (or in her case, a tiny hole) into a much brighter world. Inspired by the wonderful things she thinks she sees through her view beyond the fence, she plans a great escape. But as she soon discovers, life is only bright and happy when she finds someone special to share in her adventures. Full of whimsical imagery with a modern approach, Lola’s tale will appeal to anyone with soft spot in their heart for the underdog. 




Hooray! After many months of planning, writing, illustrating and editing, my first children’s book is finally printed and ready for purchase! This project is especially important to me because one of the great loves of my life happens to be the star. Little Lola, (AKA Lolabean, Lolabear, Lolita, BeanerBear, etc.) is the little brown dog that my husband and I adopted 9 years ago from a rescue organization. She was malnourished, and came to us with some serious abandonment issues. I cannot imagine how anyone could fail to love or want to properly care for Lola, but we ended up being her third home. Thankfully for us, the third time was the charm, and she has turned out to be the most loyal and loving pooch we could ever hope for. While she still gets anxious when left alone, she now has a best friend to keep her company. Handsome Hank (a book sequel in the making) joined our clan three years ago. Also a rescue, but first and foremost a ridiculously silly boxer dog, he is a constant source of entertainment for us all. For my husband and I, our dogs are family, and sadly both pups came from places where they were not treated with love and kindness. It is our goal to make sure the time spent in our care makes up for their difficult beginnings.   In the years since adopting Lola and Hank, I have become more aware of issues involving animal neglect and abuse and have become active in the animal welfare cause, both locally and nationally. I feel strongly that aside from little Lola being the lovable heroine of my story, she also has a very important message of compassion to share with children and parents alike. Once the costs associated with the self publishing of this book are covered, I will be donating partial proceeds to a few of the animal rescues that are near and dear to my heart.

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