B is for Bad at Blogging

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I have not written a blog post in over a year. 15 months to be precise. I have been meaning to, but just keep putting it off. Why am I so techno-phobic/Amish at heart? For someone who spends most of her life parked in front of a computer, you would think that I would be blogging, face-booking, tweeting, and instagraming  my face off. NOT so. Obviously, I have not truly embraced all this social networking and the self promotion opportunities that are available online, and am afraid I will never be ahead of the game in that respect. But I need to step it up and not be like my parents (who have pretty much given up learning any new skills on the computer that go beyond forwarding chain emails and Googling).  I am definitely a bit sheepish about sharing. One too many Lifetime movies about online stalking/identity theft? Maybe. But I think the bigger issue is that I have ZERO social media confidence. I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to know or see what I ate for breakfast (bran flakes if you are curious… I am old), or hear my political rantings or musings on celebrity couplings (and I have plenty to say about Kim and Kanye). Not to sound judgy, because  I eat that stuff up with a spoon when I see it on your newsfeed. Please, keep it coming!  I just do not have the online swagger to do it myself.  I will probably never be an over-sharer in my personal life, but I need to change my attitude about it in my professional life. I love what I do, and if I want to keep doing it, I need to get with the times and start peacocking a bit. So, I will start with baby steps, as I dust myself off from my year living in the Unabomber cabin. Time for me to practice what I preach and start blogging again, and maybe, if I am feeling cocky, finally set up that blasted Twitter account. Ugggh.

To start things off, I am sharing this self promo illustration I did for the children’s market. I am teaching an illustration class at a local art college (look at me sharing personal info!), and created an assignment that I decided to take on myself. The challenge was to choose a letter of the alphabet and pick at least three words that begin with that letter to inspire the work. I picked the letter “B” and obviously went above and beyond the three word minimum.  Side note: Those leafy branches were a b*tch to create.

If you like what you see, please throw me a bone and follow me on Facebook, EtsyTumblr, Pinterest, Dribbble, etc. And maybe Twitter eventually.  Or if you are an old techno-phobe like yours truly, you may choose to send me an artfully crafted letter in quill and ink. I  will take the love I can get!

Bernadette, briefly blinded by bulky books in her basket, bravely bikes beyond the bend.

Bernadette, briefly blinded by bulky books in her basket, bravely bikes beyond the bend.