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So pleased to announce that I am officially part of the DENY DESIGNS team. Now you can get my work on all kinds of amazing home products including pillows, bedding, rugs, frames, mugs, and more. Check out the possibilities here.

Little Lola’s Great Big Life

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ABOUT THE BOOK: 36 Page Full Color, Hard Back Picture Book, Ages 3-8  Little Lola longs for a life full of great big adventure, but she finds herself on the wrong side of the fence. What is a little brown dog to do? Life for Lola takes a turn when she discovers a window (or more »

B is for Bad at Blogging

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I have not written a blog post in over a year. 15 months to be precise. I have been meaning to, but just keep putting it off. Why am I so techno-phobic/Amish at heart? For someone who spends most of her life parked in front of a computer, you would think that I would be more »

Nashville Neighborhoods

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  My husband and I have lived in Nashville for 5.5 years and have inhabited three different homes.  A really junky rental home, a very sleek and modern condo, and finally, a 1920′s bungalow that is full of both cracks and character. We bought the last one, so I think we are done moving for more »

My Old Kentucky Home

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I grew up in Northern Kentucky.  As a kid, whenever we went on vacation and I would tell  other kids where I was from, they would ALWAYS ask the same question: “Do you wear shoes there?”  I would get defensive, explaining that I wasn’t from “that” part of Kentucky, and try to prove it with more »

Animal Rescue Corps

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  Recently I have had the opportunity to do a series of designs for Animal Rescue Corps, a non-profit organization that I greatly admire. In the past few years, my (now) home state of Tennessee has made news far too many times for horrendous animal hoarding situations and puppy mill busts.  Thankfully, Animal Rescue Corps more »

I Want to Go There…

I Want to Go There…

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To quote my favorite fictional tv character, Liz Lemon,  ”I want to go there”.  Santa Barbara, that is.  Or on any vacation locale at all where there is water, sunshine, sand and giant boat drinks.  It is July, Nashville is humid, I have a sickly pallor, and am seriously jonesin’ for a vacation. I worked more »

Hey Nashville!

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Just sent out this promotional mailer to Nashville area businesses.  I really hope the front is not lost on the majority who receive it (it spells out Nashville, for those of you who don’t see it right away).  I figured it would be an easy read, but I never could find the dolphin in those more »

Hop, Skip and Go Naked!

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These pieces were created for a promotional cocktail blog my rep group has put together.  I had to think of a drink that would look great in illustration form, and after a trip down drunken-college-memory-lane,  this little gem came to mind. With all the unseasonably warm weather we are having, this summer cocktail can be enjoyed in more »

Southern Festival of Books

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Since I love poster design, reading, and all things Nashville as much as I do, I was honored (and super excited) when asked to be the featured artist for the 2012 Southern Festival of Books. Here are the results!